A Guide To Proper Swim Techniques (Freestyle a.k.a Frontcrawl)

In Singapore, most parents work hard so as to offer the best for their children. Very often, at the expense of themselves.

As a result, I observe most parents who sign up their kid(s) for swim lessons are unable to swim properly themselves or sometimes, unable to swim at all.

It saddens my heart because it is also imperative for parents to acquire proper swimming skill to survive in a crisis as well as to use swimming as an excellent exercise regime.

Thus, it is good for parents who cannot swim, to consider swimming learning as a priority to-do list.

At this juncture, if you are not a swimmer or cannot swim well, I would like to share some insights to good swim strokes, so that parents can be aware of their children’s swim learning progress and see if certain objectives are fulfilled.

Today, we shall look at the stroke that is hard to master but one that can help a swimmer swim faster, it is the front crawl or the freestyle stroke.

There are numerous video in Youtube that illustrates the freestyle technique, the common characteristics are observed:

  1. The swimmer’s body is very straight and floating very well – we call this streamline.
  2. There are no unnecessary movement of the head that causes the body to sink into the water.
  3. The legs are kicking constantly and very efficient .
  4. The elbows as high and does not drag across the water.
  5. The swimmer shows good symmetry on both right and left sides.

This video below shows a good example, but we cannot expect every child to¬† have the same capability for some reason. However, it can be use as a yardstick to see if the above characteristics are seen in you child’s freestyle swim stroke.

Hope this is useful. Thanks for reading.

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