Looking for a swim coach? Good to know tips.

Going into my 28th year in swimming coaching. I have seen how the sport evolved over the years and have decided to create a blog to share some personal experience.

With the advent of the internet, we can buy almost anything at the convenience of a click. Be it apparels,  sports equipment,  or even grocery.

In my field of swimming coaching, I realized that it is not so easy for consumers to know if they or their children are learning with the right swimming coach, either from numerous swim portals found through search engines or swim schools who are operating in pools with many students. Or even safer,  through referral from neighbors or friends.

Swimming learning is not merely gaining certifications like any other academics, but it is a matter of survival and the acquisition of a life skill set. The learner’s behavior may comprise the following mixture:

  1. A strong interest in learning swimming.
  2. Good swim skill and a correct execution of swimming techniques.

A example of freestyle stoke can be found in my other post here.

  1. The ability to survive crisis, like falling into a river, over board a ship in an ocean or flood.
  2. The ability to experience fun in the learning process.
  3. The ability to progress from beginner’s level to acquiring advance swim skills and equipped for competitive swimming.
  4. And the list goes on..

All can be observed should one go to the pool over a period of time and see how swimmers learn, and visualize how you or your children may benefit from a particular coach whom you have in mind.

The above may take time and effort on the part of the parent, just as every learner or child is unique, it is not sufficient to take up lessons just from web portals or based on what others recommend.

Swim learning can be a lengthy process. It takes commitment on the parent’s part to bring the child to the pool weekly. So it’s important to ensure that the fundamentals are there before we commit all the time and effort.

Hope this helps.

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