About Us

Swimpal is an initiative by a group of experienced and certified swim coaches in Singapore, who believes in providing a convenient, one-stop swim coaching service for the public. Together, we present ourselves as the Accredited Swim Coaches Network.

We call the web portal Swimpal, because we are friends to children or adults who fear the water, to help them overcome the fear of water and attain the fullest confidence in water safety.

We are registered under the

  1. National Registry of Coaches (NROC)
  2. Certified under National Coaches Accreditation Program (NCAP) with a
  3. Minimum qualification of National Coaches Accreditation Program(NCAP) level one for theory and technical.

The link to the National Registry of Coaches can be foundĀ here.

In addition, we provide SwimSafer Award training, which will help swimming learners gauge their level of water safety.

We hope to create a convenient platform so as to bring ourselves closer to you, and that you will find swimming learning made easier through the Swimpal web portal.

We sincerely hope that the process of your swimming learning would be enjoyable and fulfilling. Have a nice day!

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